Automatic Number Plate Recognition

ANPR is cost-effective and ideal solution for parking, vehicle entry and access control systems. It is capable of the automatic detection, identification and recognition of the registration number of any vehicle. It has been developed to offer an excellent solution for the growing need of parking and access control management systems.

We design and develop high quality recognition software for the automatic recognition of vehicle license plates. We market our number plate recognition software as a number plate recognition engine along with a software development kit (SDK). We offer it to you in this integratable form in order to let you incorporate ANPR technology into your computer system. Your computer system equipped with our Automatic Number Plate Recognition Software Engine becomes capable of reading the registration number of any vehicle from around the World with the highest accuracy under a fraction of a second.

We offer Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems to the clients. The systems are widely used for regulating the traffic conduct. These systems are used for capturing vehicle plate number, which did not follow the traffic conduct or any other traffic code violations. The systems work as a security surveillance camera system as well as car plate number character recognition.

Automatic number plate recognition has two essential technological issues:
  • The quality of license plate recognition software with its applied recognition algorithms, and
  • The quality of image acquisition technology, the camera and the illumination.
Automatic Number Plate Recognition
License plate Recognition

Our ANPR Software is an advanced vehicle logging and image database management system that has wide appeal for commercial and government users for car parks, high security sites, etc. The system is fully interactive and provides audible and visual alerts with ‘action messages’ for security staff. It is also ideal for Car Park Access Control and can automatically open barriers or control LED displays for known vehicles. The system works equally well with all types of traffic.

The system can record multiple colour overview images of the car and driver from standard CCTV cameras as the plate is captured. This adds an extra layer of security to the system. A database of users / employees may be generated in say Excel or Access and can be imported. Software allows fast easy searching based on full/ part plates, time & date ranges etc. and will display log entries with any associated captured images. It also has the ability to analyse data in the form of graphs and charts.


Wanted Vehicle and Felon Identification

You are looking for warranted felons, stolen vehicles, uninsured vehicles, or individuals with revoked licenses, or on amber alerts. With ANPR, one or multiple lists of wanted vehicles can be added to the in-vehicle system. You can upload the lists at the beginning of the shift. Or, if you have wireless connectivity set up, the lists can be automatically downloaded throughout the shift. As you are out on patrol, the ANPR system will automatically read license plates of passing cars up to differential speeds over 200 MPH (320 km/h). Vehicle plates can also be read spanning up to three lanes of traffic on either side, or vehicles parked in parallel or at 45 and 90 degree angles. If a plate read matches a wanted vehicle record, AutoVu will alert you with an audible alarm. It will also display a color image of the identified vehicle, its license plate, and the categories of interest.

In-vehicle Data-mining

Often enough, you probably receive new vehicles of interest from dispatch. So, if you are on patrol and need to review collected reads or track specific vehicles, This software will let you do it from the in-vehicle system. Simply search license plate reads and determine the date, time and location of the sighting from the AutoVu system. You can use a complete plate number or partial license plate number. All matched records are then displayed for you to review.

Back-office Monitoring and Reporting

With ANPR system within the Security Center, you can monitor license plate reads and hits from patrolling units from your office. You can also generate performance reports per unit or for all units. This provides data such as the number of license plate reads, the category and number of hits or reasons for non-enforcing a hit and you can even print all this information to use as evidence in on-going investigations.

Back-office Data-mining and Geo-fencing

Using the Our License Plate Recognition system within the Security Center, you can conduct searches of vehicles based on factors such as date and time, complete or partial license plate numbers, one or more specific geographic areas, or type of hit. Or, search by other data associated with the hotlists such as VIN, make, model or year of the vehicle of interest. All matched records are then displayed on the map. You can also select an area of the map to find vehicle reads or hits in a specific area of your city. Simply click on a record to view the information and associated images.

Here are some Areas of deployment of ANPR Software

  • Neural Network Technology
  • NAAS compliant
  • High recognition accuracy and speed
  • 24hr / 365 day performance
  • High performance automatic ‘in picture’ trigger
  • International plate reading capability
  • Accurately reads different sized plates, small or large, near or far
  • Automatically reads both normal and inverse plates or rectangular and square plates
  • Operates on various PC platforms
Color, Sound and Priority Assignment to Hotlists

With ANPR, you can assign different priorities to hotlists. Configure each priority with a different color and alarm tone. This gives you both a visual and audible alert to easily identify the type of hit and its importance.

Covert Hotlists

For covert investigations, you can create covert hotlists. When there is hit, only the officer at the police department that is using the ANPR system within the Security Center will be alerted. The in-vehicle officer will not be alerted. This means you can ensure the discretion of an on-going investigation or a special operation.

Wildcard Hotlists

Create a wildcard hotlist database where only partial license plate numbers are included. This is particularly useful when a witness cannot remember the complete license plate number of a vehicle associated with a crime.

Image and Time Capture

With every license plate read, you get the image of the license plate, a color image of the vehicle as well as the date and time for additional evidence.

Map Display

The system’s current position and the areas covered are indicated on the map as the vehicle moves. This allows you to maximize the use of the system by covering as much ground as possible during each shift.

Fuzzy Matching

The ANPR system uses a fuzzy matching algorithm to compensate for possible errors in the license plate read, including misread, added or removed characters. This increases the probability of positively matching the plate against a database.

Wireless Data Transmission

The ANPR system is wirelessly enabled for download of hot lists and permit data and upload of enforcement data from/to the ANPR system within the Security Center.

  • Log vehicles with multiple images
  • Alert staff to vehicles of interest
  • Provide Car Park Access Control, open gates and barriers
  • Control unauthorised commuter parking
  • Increase gatehouse efficiency
  • Control traffic lights
  • Output messages to LED signs
  • Send emails, SMS messages to mobile phones
  • Allow sophisticated database searching
  • Advanced traffic analysis
  • Communicate with remote sites over LAN / WAN