Our Goals

We offer a unique combination of technology and industry expertise to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Our business technology solutions combine our breadth of expertise in software and hardware products with our Software Development and System Integration services.
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When we founded the company, we started out with the following goals :
  • Working with each other in doing something that was personally fulfilling
  • Creating software that made a technical contribution
  • Running a company in a way that aligned with our moral values and us as people – this was a reaction to working in places where the humanity of the people in the organization was seen as an annoying inconvenience.
You're probably wondering now how we survived? First, we were lucky. Second, we did do a few things right too:
  • We produced products that were excellent from an engineering point of view. Even those first versions sold quite well because they worked well.
  • We hired exceptionally good people, treated them well and did our best to get the best out of them.
  • We sold and marketed our software with integrity.