Business Process Automation

We have started OM Software with vision of meeting and even exceeding customer requirements by providing the best technical solutions and excellent service support in the Field of Industrial Control and Automation

For many organisations their business processes evolve over time relying on a mix of paper forms, email templates, spreadsheets, and shared documents. Throw into the mix poor communications and infrastructure and it is hardly surprising that disorganisation and inefficiencies are the result.

Cumbersome paper-based processes can severely limit operational efficiency and excessive administrative costs. Our wealth of experience across numerous industry sectors combined with our professional software development and infrastructure skills, allows us to understand our client’s issues and design systems to streamline business processes, increase overall efficiency and most importantly reduce costs.

OM Software works closely with organisations to identify the key business challenges and business requirements, and then align solutions that meet those challenges.

Do your current systems:

  • Provide easy access to information (documents, forms, emails, applications, etc.) for all staff, across multiple sites, in real time.
  • Allow you to replicate paper based forms electronically and integrate the data from these forms automatically into existing databases/back office systems
  • Provide a secure means to receive and deliver information from any location with an internet connection (hotel rooms, airport lounges, remote branches, and home offices to name a few)
  • Provide regulatory and audit compliance
  • Enhancing employee collaboration and morale by reducing unnecessary and repetitive admin processes