Financial Management

A complete accounting and controlling solution for your business.

Irrespective which accounting system you run, what currency or language you use, the Financial Management in OMS - SUPPLE offers you the right features to run your business accounting as per your standards . OMS - SUPPLE Financial Management is the most comprehensive and self contained financial management system that can help transform your hitherto administrative financial tasks into well-synchronized, automated processes. Whether you operate a single company or are part of a multi-national conglomerate, the application enables you to monitor your bottom-line and streamline your financial operations across the enterprise. OMS - SUPPLE Financial Management offers the full suite of components that can handle the processes involved in General Accounting , Receivable Management , Payable Management , Fixed Assets Accounting , Management Accounting and Financial Services besides providing features for dealing with country-specific tax regulations. OMS - SUPPLE Financial Management supports transactions to be carried out in multiple currencies for multi-national, multi-statutory scenarios.

Accounting Features

  • Standard and alternate Ledger structure
  • Standard and alternate reporting structure
  • Cost Centre, Project, Activity based accounting
  • Internal and External Accounting
  • Strong reporting capabilities
  • Cash flow Analysis
  • Alerts and Approvals
  • Bank and Cash Management
  • Accounts Receivables and Accounts Payables
  • Automatic Postings
  • Accounting Group Creation
  • Ledger Creation
  • Voucher Creation
  • Multiple Company Creation
  • Sub Group (Category) Creation
  • Allocation and Distribution
Financial Management Software