Material Management

A strong Materials Management allowing you controlling your stock levels, storage cost as well as maintaining the optimum level of storage.

OMS - SUPPLE Materials Management is a powerful solution for managing every aspect of your enterprise-wide materials requirements supply chain. With control functionality developed through years of industry experience, OMS - SUPPLE helps organizations establish inventory standards, accurately measure and maintain them and use them as a basis for planning and decision-making OMS - SUPPLE Material Management module automatically updates on-order inventory balances when you create a purchase order and updates on-hand balances when those items are received. The system keeps an up-to-the-second status of all inventoried items and current stock levels at multiple warehouse locations.

Bar Codes

  • The module prints bar code labels for your inventory items.
  • It scans inventory issues, receipts, serial numbers, returns and physical inventory counts.

Inventory Reports

  • Detailed information on all quantities received, issued, returned, adjusted and transferred during a specified time period.
  • Inventory Status Report of inventory balances and costs.
  • Reorder Analysis Report of items at or below their reorder levels.
  • Serial Reconciliation Report of the location of each item's recorded serial number and asset tag number.
  • Physical Inventory Worksheet of working document to facilitate a fast and accurate inventory count.


  • Multiple Warehouses and Locators
  • Warehouse sourcing rules
  • Minimum and Maximum stock levels
  • Requisitions
  • Material Movements
  • Physical Inventory
  • Product Costing related to stock movements
  • Stock Valuation
  • Issue Material to internal and external activities
  • Material Receipts, Shipments
  • Vendor and Customer RMAs
  • Dashboard Reports
  • Alerts and workflows
  • Price History