HR & Payroll Management

Manage the Most Critical Asset, Most Responsively.

OMS - SUPPLE Human Resource and Payroll equips you with a whole new league of necessary tools and framework to manage your recruit-to-retire cycle, strategically. With OMS - SUPPLE Human Resource and Payroll , you can create business value for your entire workforce across the organization. Most importantly, the HR team and the management can gain critical insights into how your organizations’ competitiveness and performance changed over a period of time by gauging employee performance levels, employee satisfaction levels, reasons for attrition, and so on. You can also leverage this information to formulate future strategies related to recruitment, retention, training and promotion of your most invaluable asset, i.e., your workforce.

  • Transform your traditional HR functions into a comprehensive human capital management program.
  • Step up the efficiency of your HR department and enable them to draw the essential connect between “people practices” and organizational performance.
  • Compare workforce performance vis-à-vis organizations’ competitiveness and performance. Leverage these critical insights for planning & executing far-sighted HCM strategies.


  • Employee Administration
  • Employee Transactions Management
  • Employee Self Service
  • Salary Structure Definition
  • Fixed and variable compensations
  • Attendance Management
  • Leaves Management
  • Employee History
  • Letters and Agreements
  • Accident Records
  • Career Path
  • Advance Salary Payments
  • Employee Loans
  • Automatic Postings